Ouya CEO Says Console Will be “Just as Secure as Any Other Android-Powered Device”

Some concerns have been raised about the self-described ‘hackable’ Ouya console being an easy target for piracy.

The system that is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter would be an open-platform, thus some have claimed that this will make the console susceptible to piracy.

Ouya CEO, Julie Uhrman has now responded [as reported by Eurogamer] to the concerns explaining that Ouya will be “just as secure as any other Android-powered device.”

“In fact, because all the paid content will require authentication with OUYA’s servers, we have an added layer of security. Hacking and openness are about getting what you want to do with the hardware. Rooting the device won’t give you any more access to the software,” explains Uhrman.

Other concerns were that the console would mainly cater towards the sort of games tailored towards mobile play, to which Uhrman assured is not the case.

“We believe many developers will create games especially for Ouya, built for the TV. It will be the most open, most straightforward, least costly way for any game developer to get their game on a TV.

“We believe many of the franchises that were originally built for mobile – because that’s where the developer was able to publish them – will also adapt well to TV’s. But Ouya is not about playing mobile games on a TV,” she added.