A number of local Xbox Live subscribers have received an email warning them of a looming price increase on their Gold subscriptions. Frighteningly, the price of the month-to-month option will be more than triple from 20 June 2016, while the 12 month option is at least *only* around 66%.

From 20 June 2016, those subscribing to a one month Xbox Live package will pay:

  • R159 (up from R50) for one month subscriptions
  • R979 (up from R590) for 12 month subscriptions

The price increase appears to be because of our poorly performing currency, but according to Game Informer a number of other countries are also facing a price increase, including Austria, Hungary, Israel, Sweden and Turkey.

There is a FAQ available on the Xbox site, and it seems you may be able to cancel your subscription and get a refund if you pay the higher price after 20 June 2016.

We have reached out to Xbox South Africa for more official confirmation, but it seems likely to be carved in stone, making the Rands in your wallet feel as valuable as said stone…