The planned three day LAN extravaganza by Orena on 20 to 22 November has been cancelled. The event, which would’ve seen Dota 2, CS: GO and a FIFA 15 tournament at a venue in Cape Town has been called off due to “the minimal ticket and shirt sales” which were the main source of subsidizing the event.

The Dota 2 and CS: GO finals will still be played, but they will be hosted online now, and will run from 19 to 22 November. It will use the same rule-set that was planned for the LAN final. Four teams will compete in a best of three, double elimination bracket with the grand finals being played as a best of five.

The teams will play for the cash prizes raised by the sale of the t-shirts and mystery box, which currently totals R9,500.

For the FIFA15 players, the cancellation means all entry fees paid to date will be refunded by Orena this week, who say:

We sincerely apologise for the disappointing turnout, keep your eyes peeled to Orena in the coming months as we will be making a bunch of announcements regarding online and LAN tournament’s!

Further announcements regarding the Online Finals will be made in the week.

We have to publicly admit disappointment at the turn of events, but understand the difficulty Orena find themselves in, as without enough support from players and spectators, these events simply cannot happen.