Orena announce Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 Cup

Orena_Blops 2 X360

Orena – a recently formed SA tournament organisation – has announced their first Xbox 360 tournament. Unsurprisingly it is for Black Ops 2, but it does pack a decent prize pool.

Registrations are now open until 8 July, and teams can register here. The cost is R50 per player with two substitutes being allowed for free. While they don’t actually say, we assume the tournament is 4v4 meaning each team will pay R200 but can have six players. The tournament will be online and requires a minimum of 10 teams to ensure the tournament happens.

Up for grabs is R1200 for first place, R600 for second place and R200 for third.

The ruleset for the tournament – which we assume will be a knockout – is available here.

If you’re looking for your action on PC, the organisation is hosting two tournaments – Dota 2 and Black Ops 2.

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