OnLive “Talk to Pretty Much Everyone” About Console Partnership

Rumours recently surfaced suggesting that Sony would be penning a deal with either Gaikai or OnLive to stream games which was expected to be confirmed at E3.

Sony did not confirm a deal and Eurogamer then reported that Gaikai denied the existence of a deal with Sony.

Eurogamer is now reporting on OnLive who confirm that they “talk to pretty much everyone.”

The OnLive UK general manager Bruce Grove said he can not disclose the details of the conversations, but that there is “no reason” why OnLive shouldn’t be available on any platform.

“If something can stream HD and take input, it can run OnLive,” Grove Explained.

“And so it becomes a “business discussion,

“For the platforms that are already there, it’s important to not – in their world, in their view – cannibalise their existing business.”

Grove talked of console manufacturers “pushing connected technologies”,  and so the modern console has become more that just a pure gaming console.

OnLive is aiming at being able to make the cloud-gaming service available to the various platforms and are looking into the best way of going about this.