We’ve always been believers that gaming can do more than be a hobby or career. It has the capability to ignite change or just get attention on a variety of (sometimes) unrelated topics. Charities and causes are one such space that gaming can have an impact. It’s something we’ve always tried to ensure we keep involved with ourselves, having been hosted a number of charity drives and donation events. There are others doing the same, ensuring your attention is drawn to important matters too. Omnius Gaming’s Project Pets is one of a few we will be detailing in the next week or so.

Omnius Gaming’s Project Pets is pretty clear on what its supported cause is. Animals of course. Its core objective is to “raise funds and awareness for various animal welfare’s.” Omnius Gaming devised the initiative “in order to attempt to help those animals that don’t have loving homes, but have been abandoned and left to be cared for by institutions. We ask that players and people donate to this cause so that we can help these places in need.”

During the charity funding, 100% of all donations will go to the currently supported shelters and organisations:

  • The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch
  • The Cape of Good Hope SPCA

While cash is obviously the most useful way for the organisations to allocate to their most needed resources, supporters can also donate items that could prove useful such as blankets, food, etc. The latter would probably be best for people based in the Western Cape due to logistical issues. However, if you’re based elsewhere and would like to support with items rather than cash, drop Omnius Gaming an email at pets@omnius-gaming.com and they will make a plan.

For now, the focus is on the Western Cape, but Omnius Gaming would like “to branch out to the whole of SA in time to cover as much as possible and not just selective ones as we know there are quite a few places scattered around needing help.”

If you’re keen to find out more about the Project Pets drive, head over to the website.

Donators are listed on the Wall of Heroes page on the site, while those with gaming pet companions can also get themselves featured on the site.

Now remember, when the next Steam sale rolls around and you save a small fortune on the dozen or so titles you were holding out for, maybe that saving could save a pet’s life…