No Plans For Dante’s Inferno Sequel… Say What?


Apparently Jonathan Knight, the Senior Producer from Visceral Games told Industry Gamers that the studio has “no plans” to develop a sequel to Dante’s Inferno. This is strange due to the fact that the game is positioned as the first of three parts of The Divine Comedy, so what’s the deal here?

If you are planning on getting the upcoming title though, you can look forward to expansion packs including a “prequel campaign” as revealed by Knight.

Knight told Industry Gamers:

“I’ve read the entire divine comedy and I’ve given (a sequel) some thought, but there are no plans. We are working on expansions to Dante’s Inferno that will be coming out soon, like a prequel campaign that shows the dark forest and unveil.”

Gamersine have played the game and said that they “think it’s highly unlikely that this will be all we see of Dante.” Let’s hope they are right as the game looks epic.

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