This past week has been somewhat unusual for me. First I went to a Dota 2 event, which seems quite mad for a hardcore CS:GO caster and fan like myself. Then I accepted a rather gracious invitation from Sam “Tech Girl” Wright to the Nintendo Splatoon 2 Splatfest at the Nintendo Store in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

It was competitive. I swear.

Some of the gamers in attendance having a blast playing Splatoon 2.

Splatfest was a contest between Tech Girl and Rob Forbes to see who would could lead their teams, the Cherriez and Cheezboyz respectively, to glory. What awaited the glorious victors of this battle to the dearth – of ink that is – was some sweet Nintendo gear and merch. As well as the ignominy of being beaten by a team with a silly name regardless of who won. It was competitive, but most of all it was several metric tons of fun!

The challengers, the Cherriez. Again, the irony. 🙂

How would I know that? As transpired my name got pulled out of the hat to play on Tech Girl’s team. I had never actually played on a Nintendo Switch prior to Splatfest. I’ve got to acknowledge that it’s a rather superb little console. We were using the Pro controllers which I think helped matters a lot in terms of getting into the game initially.

What didn’t help my cause was that none of the members of our team, myself included of course, had ever played Splatoon 2 before aside from Tech Girl. Rob Forbes had a massive advantage in that he had some seasoned Splatoon campaigners on his team. The action was fast, fun, frantic, and over way too soon. We lost both maps by just over 1%. It was incredibly close. We men of the Cherriez (highly ironic of course) – and Sam – were proud of our efforts considering our complete lack of experience. Despite our best efforts the Cheezboyz prevailed. Well done to Rob and his minions.

Rob Forbes and the victorious Cheezboyz.


Mettlestate were involved in hosting and broadcasting the event, so once again things ran smoothly. Aside from my team losing and bringing shame upon our families, but that’s a minor detail. 🙂 Everyone’s favourite CS:GO wordsmith, Barry “Anthrax” Louzada, was on hand to MC the event and offer his signature humour to keep the guests entertained.

Splatfest attendees soaking up the sweet treats and plenty of liquids before the show started.

The amount of sweet treats on offer was enough to give a diabetic heart palpitations at the mere sight! It was completely fitting for the aesthetic of the store and the cute characters of Splatoon 2. George “Geemax” Smith might be in need of a trip to the dentist after this particular event though.

More? Yes please.

Splatfest has made me far more interested in a potential Nintendo Switch purchase. The Switch’s on the go play capabilities have made it the travel partner most international CS:GO casters are carting arounding with them these days.  While I’m by no means a member of that illustrious club, I loved Splatoon 2 way more than I thought I would. Fast and frantic gameplay with responsive controls and a unique take on the multiplayer shooter genre. I’m definitely up for covering another map or several in ink!

I’d also like to see more fun focused events like this in future. Tech Girl and Mettlestate keep knocking it out the park with their smaller events. More please!