Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says Nintendo does not want to emulate the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network online services .

Iwata told IGN [as cited by Eurogamer] that Nintendo is seeking to innovate along its own path.

“We have not thought that offering the same features that already exist within other online communities would be the best proposal for very experienced game players,” Iwata explained.

Eurogamer note that Nintendo is primarily focused on promoting local multiplayer for Wii U, with family members or friends gathered in front of the TV.

“Nintendo has paid a great deal of attention to the dynamic of people playing video games together in the same room,” Iwata explained.

“With Wii U, we thought about expanding this concept into separate rooms which are connected online. Miiverse is a network community dedicated to video games that represents a very unique game-dedicated social graph that has never existed before.”

The Wii U launches tomorrow, Friday 30th November.