Nintendo head, Satoru Iwata is still confident that the Wii U can still be “accepted” by the public.
On the back of Nintendo disclosing disappointing Wii U sales, Iwata is claiming that Nintendo needs to do a better job of making the public understand and accept the benefits of the Wii U.

In an interview with Toyo Keizai Online [as cited by CVG], Iwata explained that he does not believe “the concept and potential of the Wii U have been rejected.”

Iwata explained that the “final goal of a product is to resonate with and be accepted by people,” and that “you can’t just force your way through.”

“By saying ‘the point is to be accepted’ I mean, if you go to a customer with your idea and you realise they don’t understand it, it’s more important that they do and you should shift your idea,” claimed Iwata.