Nintendo is reportedly continuing to sell the Wii U at a loss, reports GamesIndustry.

Nin­ten­do recently disclosed a massive loss of $387 mi­llion in oper­at­ing costs for the year. Nin­ten­do pres­i­dent Satoru Iwata attributed the major loss to poor hard­ware sales, but did however claim that Nintendo would return to prof­itabil­i­ty in the near future.

“Nin­ten­do post­ed an oper­at­ing loss for the fis­cal year ended March 31, 2013,” claimed Iwata.

“How­ev­er, we strive to regain ‘Nintendo-like’ prof­its for the fis­cal year end­ing March 31, 2014, by pro­vid­ing many peo­ple with fas­ci­nat­ing games and services.”

Prior to the Wii U’s launch, Nintendo claimed that the aim was to sell the console at a “rea­son­able” price, which would recuperate manufacturing costs. Nin­ten­do of Amer­i­ca pres­i­dent Reg­gie Fils-Aime went as far as to claim that the Wii U would become prof­itable as soon as a sys­tem owner pur­chased a sin­gle piece of soft­ware.

The Wii U sales have been less than stellar, collecting a worldwide install base of around 3.61 mil­lion units.