Nintendo 3DS XL Officially In Stores Now

The Nintendo 3DS XL, boasting that biggest screen ever on a Nintendo handheld console, is now available in stores at the RRP of R2,349.

Nintendo South Africa launched the 3DS XL on 28th July and we were there. While we loved the new big screen, it was the comfortable fit in our hands that impressed us most. The console’s surface has only increased by 46%, and the edges have been rounded off to make for a more comfortable fit.

Besides the increased sized screen, the new console also boasts a few upgrades in specification including a longer lasting battery. The launch consoles ship with a four gig SD card, double the size that shipped with the original 3DS.

At launch the new Nintendo 3DS XL is available in Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black.

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30th July 2012 – 3D handheld gaming has reached a new high with the arrival of the Nintendo 3DS XL, which launched in South Africa on 28th July. The new Nintendo 3DS XL, available in Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black, boasts the biggest screen ever on a Nintendo handheld console. With 90% bigger screens the Nintendo 3DS XL’s surface itself is only 46% bigger than the current Nintendo 3DS – meaning that 3D experiences still comfortably fit in the palm of your hands.

The glasses free 3D upper screen on the Nintendo 3DS XL will offer a larger area – measuring 4.88 inches – for viewing content and games and there will also be proportionally more 3D screen compared to the overall frame. Meanwhile the rim around the edge of the top screen has been streamlined, creating a slim look and the 90% increase in the upper screen size of the Nintendo 3DS XL compared to Nintendo 3DS is reflected for the bottom screen, which is now 4.18 inches.

In addition, the Nintendo 3DS XL features a larger battery capacity, which is welcome news for keen gamers who are used to playing on-the-go for hours at a time. The maximum playing time for Nintendo 3DS software will now be six hours 30 minutes, up from five hours on the original handheld.

Nintendo 3DS owners looking to purchase the new Nintendo 3DS XL model will be thrilled by the doubled size of the bundled SD card. Now up from two to four gigabytes, you can store more downloaded content than ever before.

The Nintendo 3DS XL will feature the full capabilities of the original Nintendo 3DS, offering portable entertainment in 3D without the need for special glasses, so get ready for an innovative console that will take portable gaming to a new level.

Available from selected retailers, the Nintendo 3DS XL handheld console is retailing at RRP R2,349.