Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Putting Pressure on Sony’s Vita

Bloomberg reportedly spoke to a number of analysts and compiled a report which suggest that Nintendo’s recent 3DS price-cuts along with competition from Apple could already have put pressure on Sony with the pricing for their upcoming Vita handheld.

Tokyo-based analyst at Ace Securities Co., Hideki Yasuda suggests, “Gamers are increasingly anticipating Sony to lower prices, especially after the 3DS cut,” and so Sony is “under major pressure to cut the price of the Vita or risk a major failure.”

Shiro Mikoshiba, of Nomura Holdings Inc believes that the customers Sony are targeting with its Vita are those “willing to spend a lot of money,” and so he believes Sony’s strategy is a valid strategy one even if the volume’s low as long as it can sustain the higher price.

A Japanese gamer, Takeda told Bloomberg that he doesn’t think he’ll be one of those people rushing to buy it on the release date as I don’t really see a reason to pay that much for another game player, and that he is satisfied with my devices. This could echo many gamers point of view.

Sony’s president of Sony’s Consumer and Products Services group, Kazuo Hirai previously defended the price of their upcoming console, saying that Sony “have a very good product at a very affordable price.”

Is this not what Nintendo believed before their 3DS launch?

[via GamesIndustryBiz]

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