Ninja Theory: NGP “is a clear shot at the hardcore market”

The talented folks at Ninja Theory, the Enslaved developers who are currently working on the next Devil May Cry, have told CVG that they are excited by Sony’s upcoming NGP.

The studio’s co-founder and tech chief, Mike Ball told CVG that he was excited by NGP as a platform because “it’s a clear shot at the hardcore market with high end capabilities and decent control input systems.”

“With that configuration they can build on the user base of 360 and PS3 players who might consider a current PSP game to be an inferior experience. Also, whilst I absolutely adore my iPhone, gaming on it is rather like snacking on a pack of crisps, I’m hoping that the NGP will provide the full pie ‘n’ chips,” Ball added.

The biggest criticism of the original PSP was that it had no second stick which allows you to move your character with one stick and control the camera with the other.