Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 | Weapons, bosses detailed and new screens released


Team Ninja and Tekmo Koei have released new information and some new screenshots for the PS Vita headed Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 which lands in March.

“Faster, bloodier, and more beautiful than ever,” reads the press release.

The latest entry into promises to bring the franchise to new heights “with a deep cast, new costumes and weapons, exciting boss battles, and the introduction of the Hero play style that will give Ryu Hayabusa an edge in every fight,” explains Team Ninja.

The popular “Hero” play-style first featured makes a return, and here Hayabusa will get temporary advantages when his health runs low, including auto-block, auto-evade, increased damage, and a higher chance to dismember enemies, allowing gamers the chance to turn around a tough situation without interrupting the fast-paced action.

Features include:

  • Ryu Hayabusa: A young ninja of the Hayabusa Clan, Hayabusa is forced to face off with his long-standing rivals, the Black Spider Ninja Clan to prevent the resurrection of the Archfiend.
  • Momiji: The last Dragon Shrine Maiden and an elder sister figure to the children of Hayabusa Village. In addition to her ceremonial duties, she has trained to the rank of a full-fledged kunoichi.
  • Sonia: The alias of a CIA secret agent who attempts to track down Hayabusa to warn him of the plot to resurrect the Archfiend.
  • Muramasa: A legendary master swordsmith and the owner of Muramasa’s Weapons and Tools, Muramasa also owns an antique shop in Sky City Tokyo.
  • Elizébet, Ruler of Blood: The Queen of the Greater Fiends is deeply connected to the Black Spider Ninja Clan and works with Genshin on his schemes.
  • Dagra Dai: This evil priest was originally a human philosopher who underwent a horrific transformation to become the Archfiend’s Infernal High Priest.

The following pantheon of villainous bosses reture:

  • Genshin: The enemy of the Hayabusa clan has joined causes with Elizébet, Queen of the Greater Fiends, in his quest to take out Hayabusa and his father.
  • Alexei, Ruler of Lightning: One of the Four Greater Fiend Lords, he smites enemies with lightning-fast shocks and charges. Players should focus on evading his attacks before counterattacking.
  • Volf, Ruler of Storms: Another Greater Fiend Lord, this lycanthrope werewolf’s immense strength means most of his attacks cannot be blocked. Players should jump or evade attacks and go in for damage as he recovers.
  • Zedonius, Ruler of Flame: This Greater Fiend Lord attacks Hayabusa with high-damage hellfire and relentless close-range attacks. The key to beating him is reading his next move carefully.
  • Black Dragon: After losing to Hayabusa once before, the massive Black Dragon is summoned by Elizébet to exact its vengeance with a devastating variety of attacks.

Hayabusa’s weapons will include the legendary ‘Dragon Sword’; the nunchuck-like ‘Vigoorian Flail’; the ‘Kusari-gama’ for far-reaching attacks and the ‘Eclipse Scythe’. The other playable characters will also be well equipped with weapons including ‘Ayane’s Fuma Kodachi’ short swords; Momiji’s ‘Heavenly Dragon Naginata’ and Rachel’s ‘Inferno Hammer’.

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