Ninja Gaiden creator believes consoles won’t survive just “doing what they previously were”


Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki believes consoles will need to be more innovative if they are going to survive in a crowed industry that offers new ways of gaming.

Polygon are translating a Famitsu piece where Itagaki says he believes consoles won’t survive if they continue to do what they always have been doing.

“In a world where our customers now have their attention divided by their PCs, their tablets and their smartphones, simply having consoles expand upon what they previously were isn’t going to work any longer.”

“Having a system that just reads controller input, makes a screen image and outputs it to the TV isn’t going to work, no matter how rich the media it’s producing.

“It seems like every first party is trying to get a feel for what makes a console truly special, and that’s something developers are going to have to feel on, too.”

[via MCV]

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