20140703-085954-32394767.jpgWe are not always glad to hear of changes in developing studios – our beloved Batman series definitely definitely took a dip when moved away from Rocksteady.

The latest series that will see a different developing studio at the helm is Assassin’s Creed. The series’ lead developer, Ubisoft Montreal, will not be developing the next installment – Ubisoft’s Quebec studio will be tasked with development for at least one game, Ubisoft has revealed.

It may not be a bad thing though as the studio has helped in a few of the series’ games. The Quebec Ubisoft studio helped develop Assassin’s Creeds Brotherhood, Revelations, Assassin’s Creed 3 as well as some expansions.

“The team is ready for the next big step,” said managing director of Ubisoft Quebec Nicolas Rioux.

The switch is part of Ubisoft’s intentions to expand the Quebec studio. The publisher is throwing $4 million Canadian dollars to expand the studio, while the Canadian government is contributing half a million Canadian dollars as well.

“One of the main missions of our studio is to be a leader in creating a universe – connected and mobile,” added Rioux.

“Beyond that, it’s to be able to connect to our universe wherever you want, with whatever device you want, and at any time you want.”