Speaking at the GamesBeat 2013 conference, Nexon CFO Owen Mahoney told the audience that he isn’t particularly interested in going into the console business. He also believes the gap between mobile and console games will diminish in a few years.

GamesIndustry are citing Mahoney who explained that the differences between mobile and consoles is comparative to the difference “between a MacBook Air and an iPad.”

“They’re very close, very similar devices,” he explained.

“When you project out merely two years, they’re pretty much the same device.”

Mahoney believes that there are already signs of a shift favoring mobile games.

“If a console is sitting on your hip, you don’t really need a device that’s attached to your TV set 100 percent of the time,” Mahoney said.

“When I look at my kids play, most of the time they’re playing off a laptop or a tablet in front of a dead 60-inch screen with a couple consoles attached. They’re just not interested.”

I personally find the opposite is true in my home, my five year-old daughter plays on the Vita or iPad when the lounge TV is busy. The moment she can get on the console, she puts down Rayman on Vita for Rayman with a full controller.