New Xbox System Update Out Today

A new system update for the Xbox 360 went live today, taking it to version 2.0.14719.0… catchy.  As to what exactly this update does is anyone’s guess but according to old faithful – Wikipedia – it “fixes the bug where when you join a friends party everyones name is the same.”  It is also a security update with “minor bugs” fixed.

We’re willing to speculate arbitrarily that the fixes may be to fix the FIFA hack and to add a new layer of anti-piracy protection.  But we could be wrong.

Thanks PottyZA for the tip.


Or as Grame Boyd (@AceyBongos – Social Marketing Manager, Xbox EMEA) clarified:

“Folks asking about today’s Xbox LIVE update. Nothing visible, just behind the scenes stuff to keep Xbox LIVE the best experience possible.”

Erm.  So there you go.

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