New image sparks The Last of Us sequel rumours


This could be absolutely nothing, or it could be pointing to a possible The Last of Us sequel.

The concept artist who worked on the original, Marek Okon, posted this image on his Facebook account along with the text “let me tease you something… Its coming.”

The image resembles Ellie, so this sparked off speculation of a sequel.

Okon then posted the following:

“Lol. This is how you know you are teasing your stuff the right way.

“So before its gonna get blown out of proportions – its gonna be strictly personal image.

“Is it about TLOU2? Not really… Maybe… Its classified ;P
“But seriously its gonna be just a fan art ;]”

So again, it could be something or absolutely nothing.

However, as CVG note, The Last of Us writer and creative director Neil Druckmann did say in February that the team was “brainstorming” a potential sequel.

We would find it very difficult to believe Sony would not commission a sequel to the survival mega-hit.

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