Need for Speed: Most Wanted Kinect Features Only ‘Voice Commands’

EA have revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be “Better With Kinect” but the Kinect functionality only extends to voice commands.

There is an abundance of voice commands though, around 50 in total.

Game producer, Matt Webster spoke of the commands in an interview with Polygon [as cited by 123Kinect]:

“The voice command system will be tied into Most Wanted’s on-the-fly easy drive menus, which are typically pulled up during a race or while driving with a tap on the directional pad.

“Kinect users will be able to call out voice commands to do things like quickly switch the tires on the car their driving from street to off road, or start a race. All of this can be done without taking your eyes, or attention off the screen.

“More interesting are the slew of quick access shortcut words the team is building for the Xbox 360 version of the game. For instance, a player hiding from cops can say “engine off” to turn off the lights and engine of the car, and better hide.

“Engine on starts the car back up again. Saying “look around” gives the player a quick 360 pan of their car as they drive and saying “rear view” gives the player a temporary peek at who is chasing or racing them through the rear view mirror.”

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is currently being developed by Criterion Games and will be released to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Vita at the end of October.


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