NBA 2K15 signs Pharrell Williams to compile soundtrack

imageWhy is the 2K NBA series the best sports videogames money can buy? Well, it’s actually because of the sublime gameplay. But, the series is also known for really outstanding soundtracks.

2K13 was executive produced by Jay Z, and what a soundtrack it was, complete with music videos during loading scenes. 2K Games has done it again – 2K15 will see none other than the super talented muso extraordinaire Pharrell Willaims compile the soundtrack.

MCV report that the singer/ song writer and as far as we know, producer, has been signed up to curate “the most extensive and unique soundtrack compilation in NBA 2K franchise history” for the game.

“It was a cool experience,” comments Williams.

“I tried to curate songs that were diverse but yet still proved to be motivational to gamers.

“It was important to me that the music complemented the on-court action of NBA basketball in NBA 2K15. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

NBA 2K’s VP or marketing Alfie Brody added: “Pharrell’s passion and reputation as a visionary producer and expertise from working with the NBA will be evident in the largest and most eclectic NBA 2K soundtrack ever.

“We really listened to our fans’ feedback on how we could improve their experience from a music standpoint, and we’re confident Pharrell’s collaboration in NBA 2K15 will impress players as much as it’s impressed us.”

It’s going to be a great year for us basketball fans! It’s going to be a great year.

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