nArotiK Gaming One Night Cup | KK takes the Cup

This past weekend saw the Call of Duty: BlackOps one night cup championship organised by nArotiK Gaming played between eight top Call of Duty teams in SA.  By all accounts, it proved to be a resounding success with Konsentrasie Knights (KK) taking the final against nArotiK Gaming’s own team.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated and to nArotiK Gaming for organising the event.  Keep watching for news of future events.

The nArotiK Gaming one night cup kicked off with a great success. Eight of the top Call of Duty : Black Ops teams battled it out to prove who is the best Black Ops team in South Africa.

The event took place on the nArotiK Gaming servers on Saturday 21 May 2011 and kicked off at 18:00pm. The battles was though throughout all the legs up to the finals where two teams had to prove who will be the last standing. The final clash was between nArotiK Gaming’s own Black Ops team called nArk and the Konsentrasie Knights (KK).

The line-ups for the teams was as follow :

nArotiK Gaming.BO

Bjorn “i-R-n008” Bergmann – Captain

Peter “Muunkey” Van As

Daniel “ArMaGeDoN” Ball

Jacques “Pyth[O]n” Du Toit

Werner “Rasta”Grundling


Konsentrasie Knights

Marthinus “Krazed” Strydom – Captain

Wesley “Stain” Neveling

Shaun “Volklol” Toerien

Kobus  “Decimator” Lotter

Dominic “Dominoz” Rissik


The match started off very intense as the halftime score was 7-5 to KK. nArotiK Gaming then started experiencing some problems as one of their player had connection problems and timed out. KK then quickly secured a lead of 9-6 to have a cushion by leading with 3 rounds. nArotiK Gaming soon after got their 5th player back but KK stood strong and continued increasing their lead to 11-7 as the server then had a unexpected glitch  that added an extra round in favour of KK. The team captains then quickly met with cup organizer Stephan” LeftNut” Botes  from nArotiK and game admin Reaper from clan UBS in a teamspeak server to discuss the server glitch. Soon after they reached a decision they re-joined the server and start off with a score of 11-7 to KK. KK then decided to not lie down and quickly added another 2 round wins to finish it off with a victory score of 13-7.

KK clearly showed the strength of their teamwork throughout this competition as they also beat Ventus 13-4 in the first rounds and also beat a52 13-6 in the semi-finals.

Well done to the Konsentrasie Knights, you are now the nArotiK One Night Cup Champions for May 2011. Hope to see you participate in the next upcoming one night cup event.

The Live stream shout cast will be uploaded as soon as possible, thanks to Wayde “Spyk3r” Bradshaw for shout casting this event  , our nArotiK Cinema editor “TyE” has to do some editing and will upload it to the nArotiK Cinema youtube channel as soon as its finished. We will keep you updated regarding the shoutcast.

nArotiK Gaming would like to thank everyone involved in the tournament arrangements and all the teams that entered to make this a extreme night.

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