nArotiK Gaming at rAge 2011

This year’s rAge Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa is in full swing and that is where all the cool kids are this weekend… Clearly we’re not cool or kids as we are nowhere near the event.  Our associates – I’m sure those who know us would never consider us “friends” – at nArotik Gaming have decided to head over to rAge to participate in the NAG LAN.

They have dispatched two teams and you can expect them to put up a stern fight in Call of Duty 4 and Starcraft 2.

Call of Duty 4:


  • Ryan Rupprecht (RaxX’y)
  • Ryan Fisher (C-Killer)
  • Kyran Rupprecht (AvV’y)
  • Ashley Bierman (KoekzoR)
  • Tyron Craig (zHOMZYYY)


All of the team’s players have about 3 years experience in COD4 as premier players.  They entered the DoGaming League at leg 3 and proceeded to win all their games except one match against IDC.  The team has spent the last week at a secret training facility preparing for the LAN.

Starcraft 2:


  • Kyle Haward (HellsHound)
  • Charlie Kung (iOverflow)



HellsHound (who only joined the local SC2 scene three months ago) won his pool in the third leg of the DoGaming League.  He went on to win the DoGaming League 4th Division Play-offs without losing either a match or map.  This was followed by another ‘flawless’ streak in winning the DoGaming League online qualifiers (again not losing a match or map).  He is expected to be the darkhorse of this tournament and may knock out some familiar names in SC2.

Previously, he was the world’s best player at Forged Alliance (Supreme Commander) a few years ago where he played in a team with internationally famous SC2 player “Liquid.TLO”.


iOverflow is a young Taiwanese player who finished up 4th in the DoGaming League First Division in leg three.  He has a lot of experience in RTS gaming and he won the Red Alert competition at rAge in 2009.

Both players have been prepping very hard for rAge and promise that the hard work will pay off.