Konami has released a dedicated PES 2014 app for iOS users and the Android version will follow shortly.

myPES was introduced in PES 2012 in a very basic form, designed to allow the sharing of results within the PES community, but has now been extended greatly, allowing more detailed player and game data to be shared between users.

The app is released alongside the second PES 2014 Data Pack, which includes functions to support sending stats data from PES 2014. The companion app lets users check and organise their match stats on their iOS and Android device, offering analysis of shots, possession, passing, and patterns of play. The build-up to goals, potential weaknesses in the opposition, and data to adapt playing styles against key opponents can then be viewed.

From the press release:

The app is also key to building community structures within PES 2014. Groups can be created, and myPES will track results and rank players accordingly. Users that do not have their consoles connected online will have the option to save their stats through a QR code displayed after matches, which can be scanned using the app to synchronise results for future analysis.