On 22 February 2019, MWEB will play host to the inaugural Gaming Gathering. An event we have suggested is a little like the old 2upGamers events. The event – powered by MSI Gaming, ACGL, Debonairs Pizza and Reboost Energy Drink – promises Cape Town gamers an opportunity to “gather, gab and game”. And in doing so, a portion of the proceeds will go to Hospice.

The event has announced its speaker list, as well as some of the other activities and opportunities to win swag. Guests for this event are: Grant Hinds (YouTube Personality), Gareth Woods (Director at Gaming Ventures), Jade Klein (President of Valhalla 2.0), Derrick Kaylor (MWEB Gaming Product Manager) and Nick Holden (Co-owner of ACGL).

Conversations on the night will include:

  • Getting more females into gaming and esports locally
  • Why gaming has not (yet) exploded in South Africa
  • Making gaming a career
  • Connectivity challenges facing local gamers

By attending the event, you will also be in line for some swag – both digital and physical. Attendees will be rewarded with a Lucky the Dragon avatar piece for their ACGL profile and a goodie bag. There will also be a copy of Anthem and a copy of Metro Exodus up for grabs, pizza vouchers, and more. A variety of mini-events will be hosted after the speakers have done their thing and the food has been eaten.

All this can be yours for R80 per person. You get pizza, (non-alcoholic) drinks, swag, a feel good feeling and more for that price. As we always like to say: support these events before there are none left to support.


  • Date: Friday, 22 February 2019
  • Time: From 17h30
  • Where: MWEB, 100 Fairway Close, Golf Course, Cape Town
  • Cost: R80 per person | Buy Here
  • Ticket purchase gets you:
    • Entry to the Event
    • Food and Drink
    • Limited Edition MSI Avatar Item
    • Swag Bag