MWEB Voted “most popular primary ADSL ISP” amongst SA Gamers

May we say… again?  MWEB has once again been voted the “most popular primary ADSL ISP” amongst SA gamers in a recent MyGaming Survey.   42.8% of those questioned in the survey indicated that MWEB was their preferred ADSL ISP.

This recent result follows on the back of a similar survey conducted in March 2012 where 32% of gamers voted MWEB as the most popular ISP for online gaming.

MWEB Online Gaming Manager, Desmond Kurz said: “We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to grow the online gaming community in South Africa. Getting acknowledged for our efforts is an amazing feeling and on behalf of the MWEB GameZone team, I would like to thank all our gamers for their continued support and endorsement.”

So MWEB… any chance we could put all this to the test ourselves?

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