MWEB teams up with ClanBase to bring international gaming to SA

MWEB’s Desmond Kurz had mentioned at the Cape Town Battlefield 3 launch around a month ago about plans the ISP had for making South Africa competitive in the international competitive gaming scene.  He felt at the time that SA’s biggest issue is that tournament organisers are not able to focus all their time on the competitions due to other commitments – to the detriment of the competitive scene.

MWEB was discussing a potential partnership with a European based tournament/league organiser with the view to bring them in to help manage the competitive scene in South Africa and to assist with organising international friendlies for the best of the local clans.  Well, today it has been revealed that MWEB has teamed up with ClanBase – one of the world’s largest online gaming leagues with over 20 000 people playing a match through ClanBase every day, to run professional tournaments for competitive local gamers.

The first Free-For-All tournaments are PC only, but the tournaments will be expanding to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and over a variety of titles in the future.

Through ClanBase’s contacts, MWEB will also facilitate international friendlies, giving top local clans the opportunity to hone their skills against European clans. A number of European Battlefield clans are ready to step up to the challenge.

Desmond Kurz, MWEB online gaming manager, says bringing the level of competition that Europe enjoys to South Africa will draw more local gamers into online gaming and sharpen their competitive gaming skills to compete internationally.

“MWEB is committed to growing the local gaming market. Our partnership with ClanBase will enable us to facilitate bringing South Africa a step closer to international competitions. It will also help competitive local clans become serious contenders through the opportunity to test and grow their skills against more opponents,” says Kurz.

Kurz says that by building South Africa’s gaming capacity in popular titles or genres, for example, by developing a strong Battlefield 3 team, international gaming vendors are more likely to start taking notice of South Africa and invest in the local gaming market.

He adds that ClanBase’s expertise and international experience will ensure professionally management tournaments. “ClanBase has over a decade of experience to draw on for the benefit of the South African community – not only in the execution of tournaments, but also in the judging, setting up rules, cheat and abuse policies and enforcing these.”

ClanBase hosts competitions for almost all games that are played competitively. Its appeal lies in giving clans pages, forums, news, files, ladders, leagues and advanced systems to very easily arrange matches in several exciting ladders and Cups.

MWEB and ClanBase will start off with a fun Free For All (FFA) tournament for Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, followed by more traditional tournaments. The FFA is to attract gamers, show what fun it is to play in tournaments and give new players the chance to join or form a team so they can participate in the follow-up tournaments. Further to this, MWEB and ClanBase will be facilitating friendly matches between players from SA and top clans in Europe.

All dates will be announced on GameZone at

Mads Ehrhardt, GGL / ClanBase’s Managing Director for Europe, says it’s rare to get the opportunity to work with an ISP that understands and wishes to strengthen e-sport in their market.

“With the commitment MWEB is making, we’re very excited to establish a better presence in South Africa and offer our services and know-how to the overall benefit of the South African gaming community.”

How it will work
Similar to how ClanBase operates in Europe, it encourages users to request ladders and cups in the games they find interesting, for example, Battlefield 3, which ClanBase will then arrange. ClanBase will also reach out to the users to help them facilitate admins, rules and, most importantly, active participation in the ladders and cups.

If you’re leader of your clan, all you have to do is create your own personal account on (all members of your clan have to do it), create a clan and invite your clan members to join your clan in ClanBase. After that you can sign up your clan to one or more ladders, challenge other clans and see how good you are.

If you want to know more or don’t know how to create an account or clan, have a look at the ClanBase FAQ at:

About ClanBase and the GGL

ClanBase is a free extensive system for gamers to play action games over the Internet, founded in 1998 by gamers, and now registers over 2.4 million players. Measured by activity, ClanBase has become one of the largest online gaming communities and competition websites in the world. Every day, over 20 000 people play a match through ClanBase.

ClanBase also hosts the EuroCup and the OpenCup. Running on the XXIV (24th) season, more than 30 000 players participate in the cups. Nations Cups are also part of the ongoing tournaments on ClanBase, where each nation participates in the Cups with their selected players for the various games. The next Nations Cup will be the XV (15th).

In 2004, ClanBase was acquired by the Global Gaming League (GGL). GGL is a worldwide leader in organised competitive online and real-time video game tournaments and events (V-Sports). MTV has hailed GGL as “the recognised leader not only in organising online and live video game events but also in creating content of interest around those competitions”.

About MWEB
Since 1997, MWEB has been championing a free web in South Africa. It has lead the industry from the start with the introduction of the Internet to South Africans, to the launch of South Africa’s first Uncapped ADSL product. Today, MWEB is the ISP of choice for more than 320,000 customers, providing Internet connectivity and solutions for home users, business owners and large corporates.

Dedicated to constantly driving change in the industry and deploying world class research and development teams, MWEB is focused on removing all barriers to Internet connectivity and services to positively impact its customers and the broader South Africa Internet landscape. In 2010, MWEB was recognised for its efforts as 2010 MyBroadband ISP of the Year, in addition to awarding Rudi Jansen, MWEB CEO, the title of 2010 Broadband Maverick of the Year.

MWEB is owned by JSE-listed MultiChoice South Africa Holdings Limited, a Naspers Limited subsidiary that has more than 30% Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment shareholders.

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