MWEB GameZone Masters Series Announced


MWEB GameZone has announced their first ‘Masters Series’ which will feature Call of Duty Ghosts… and we have a little something to do with it along with Gunnar and future additional sponsors.

The series sets up a number of online and LAN events for the remainder of the year culminating in the SA Championship LAN in October. With a total of seven events in the series, there is still plenty to play for in South Africa.

Call of Duty Calendar

The Master series will see in a total of 7 tournaments take place in the Call of Duty calendar. These tournaments are as follows:


  • Lets Go Online Tournament: March 10th – March 23 4v4 (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Cape Town Lan: April 5th – April 6th (Xbox 360)
  • Online 1v1 eSniper Tournament: May 5th – May 15th (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Online 4v4 Tournament: 1st July – 13th July (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • Johannesburg Lan: 19th July – 20th July (Xbox 360)
  • MGMS Ghosts Championship Online qualifiers: 18th August – 19th September (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  • MGMS Ghosts Championship Lan Finals: 11th October

The Goal

The main focus behind hosting tournaments for the competitive Call of Duty community has and always will be to grow the South African players, allowing to be able to compete on an international level and hold our own. There is no doubt that we are still behind the pro teams in America and Europe but with regular competition we will be closing that gap.

That gap will be even smaller when we get the chance to compete against the international squads on a regular basis. This is what MWEB GameZone will be attempting by hosting international matches between South African and European teams.

Registration for Tournaments

Tournament registrations will be announced on MWEB GameZone site, with online tournaments being opened for registrations the week prior to the event. With regard to LAN events we will open general registrations 3 weeks before tournaments open.

The first tournament’s, aptly named ‘Lets Go’, registration information will be launched on the 5th of March. The article will cover the general format of the tournament and will include the ruleset, streaming dates as well as the prizes up for grabs.  You can expect the registration information regarding the Cape Town LAN to be announced next week.

Social Media

Throughout the entirety of this the MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master series we will be using the hashtag #MGMSGhost to follow the tournament progress. We will also be making our announcements in relation to the hashtag as well as via our Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to follow for the most up to date information regarding the #MGMSGhost tournament.

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With that being said, get ready for a season of heavy competitive action, as we kick off with a season where we take it up a level and grind forwards with the MWEB GameZone Master Ghosts Series brought to you by Gunnar and ZombieGamer!

We are obviously very excited to be a part of the series, and look forward to seeing the South African competitive Call of Duty scene on console go from strength to strength. We will also be introducing GiB (Gamers in Beta) training events into the series to help further improve the competitive standards in South Africa.

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