MWEB GameZone Lets Go Online Tournament Opens for Registrations

Following MWEB GameZone’s announcement of their seven tournament, seven month ‘Masters Series’, the first of their tournaments has opened for registration.

The online ‘Lets Go’ tournament will kick off on 10 March as part of the ‘Masters Series’ in a full calendar of Call of Duty Ghosts events for South African players on both PS3 and Xbox 360.


The following information is from the MWEB GameZone article:


The basic structure of the tournament will be a single-elimination, with place for up to 64 teams. Each team will consist of 4 members, with an optional 5th member as a reserve. Matches will be played as a 4v4 in a best out of 5 format, meaning that teams will be required to win 3 matches to be able to progress into the next stage/round in the competition.

The Let’s Go tournament will be catering for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players, however players are notallowed to play in both.

Fixtures, Maps and Rules

The tournament is catering for 64 teams on both consoles, should the bracket contain less 32 teams by the end of registrations the fixture timetable will be changed to cater for those teams.

The fixture table for the bracket of 64 will be as follows:

Bracket of 64 teams:

  • Round 1 (64): 10th-13th March
  • Round 2 (32): 14th-16th March
  • Round 3 (16): 17th-18th Match
  • Round 4 (8): 19th-20th March
  • Semi Finals & Finals: 23rd March

The fixture table for the bracket of 32 will be as follows:
Bracket of 32 teams: 

  • Round 1 (32): 10th-13th March
  • Round 2 (16): 14th-17th March
  • Round 3 (8): 18th-20th March
  • Semi Finals & Finals: 23rd March


The maps to be played will be played according to the rotation of Domination, Search and Destroy, Blitz, Domination, Search and Destroy

  • Round 1: Strikezone, Warhawk, Octane, Sovereign, Octane
  • Round 2: Sovereign, Freight, Warhawk, Freight, Sovereign
  • Round 3: Octane, Warhawk, Frieght, Sovereign, Freight
  • Round 4: Freight, Steikezone, Warhawk, Freight, Octane
  • Semi Finals & Finals to be randomized on the day.

How to Sign Up & related Dates

Here is the key information that you need to know for the Let’s Go Tournament

For the full ruleset of the tournament please go here for the Xbox 360 rules and here for the PlayStation 3 rules.


The Semi-Finals will be played online, but select matches will be streamed on our local and channels. Watch our site closer to the time for exact timeframes to tune in and decide which teams to watch!

Prizes for the MWEB GameZone Master Series Lets Go Tournament

Currently the prizes for the Let’s Go Tournament are currently being sorted out and categorized, but we can confirm that Gunnar Optiks as well an will be headlining the prizes for the tournament!


Social Media

Throughout the entirety of this the MWEB GameZone Ghosts Master series we will be using the hashtag #MGMSGhost to follow the tournament progress. We will also be making our announcements in relation to the hashtag as well as via our Twitter and Facebook. So be sure to follow for the most up to date information regarding the #MGMSGhost Lets Go tournament.