MWEB Gamezone FIFA 13 Launch | Balls were flying

Pre-match round up

Balls.  Pizzas.  “Celebrities”.  FIFA 13.  And FIFA fans.  The basic ingredients which were all chucked into the cauldron known as the MWEB MCave and then manifested itself as the MWEB Gamezone FIFA 13 Launch this past Friday night – 28 September.

The night was also host to the ‘Grand Final’ of the King of Footie tournament which was brought to South Africa by MWEB, Musica, EA South Africa and Microsoft South Africa.  The tournament – which was played on FIFA 12 – consisted of four preliminary rounds hosted at Musica Megastores in Canal Walk, Cavendish Square, Johannesburg and Durban, and with all four winners playing out to determine the champ at the MCave.

Kick off

The evening kicked off with around 50 punters streaming in to the MCave with goodie bags in hand and football on their minds.  I had food on the mind for some reason, and once again MWEB were the consummate hosts.  Drinks (non-alcoholic of course, because football fans are hooligans…), snacks and pizza (which oddly didn’t grab the attention of the FIFA gamers as much as they do with other gamers) were on hand to fill the void.

Moaning stomach satisfied, it was game time.  The venue was packed with eight PCs and ten Xbox 360s, all showing off FIFA 13 in full HD glory, and all being pwnd by attendees.  Two of the Xbox 360s and their associated 46” TVs were set aside for the King of Footie finals which kicked off while players from Ajax CT were in attendance to challenge participants in a first-to- score competition.

Now usually, I am loathe to display my gaming skill (or lack thereof) publicly, but my rubber arm was twisted – and combined with the fact that I might actually be a masochist – I decided to take part against an Ajax CT player.  In what came as more of a surprise than anything else, I managed to trip over the ball and put it into the back of the net.  And even more surprisingly, it wasn’t even at my own goal.  For my herculean effort, I walked away with some Gioteck goodies and a starting addiction for FIFA 13…


Meanwhile, the King of Footie players were really showing how it all should be done, and drawing a crowd of spectators as they went one on one over the course of six matches to determine the finalists.  With the odds stacked in Cape Town’s favour (they did have home ground advantage and two players) it slowly started to become apparent that Johannesburg’s entrant was not going to lie down and submit.

In the end, Durban’s Monroy Dryling and Cape Town’s Darren Daniels were left to battle for 3rd and 4th place, while Cape Town’s Khalil Jiwan and Johannesburg’s Irshaad Mahomed went to the finals looking to blag the Xbox 360 and games up for grabs.  In the end, it was the Johannesburg entrant (and MainGaming Champ) that took the final in grand style.


The night wasn’t only about the gamers – obviously.  In attendance were a fair number of celebrities too.  There were chaps from eGamer and ITF Gaming, along with an iAfrica local.  Oh alright, they don’t apparently count these days… Spotted in the crowd and showing off their FIFA 13 skills were the three aforementioned Ajax CT players – Khama Billiat, Thato Mokeke and Paul Rusike – along with Carl Wastie and Stephanie Be from Good Hope FM, Lance Witten, and Grant Hinds who potentially is the winner of the loudest person in the room… my bill from my Otolaryngologist will be forwarded soon.

Once again, myself and Brady from ITF Gaming managed to maintain our proud record of leaving last, and once again, MWEB managed to maintain their proud record of another successful and great game launch.  Long may they continue doing so I say.  I love free stuff…

Pictures courtesy of Greater Than.  For more pictures from the event, check out our Facebook Album.

If you’re still looking to get a copy of FIFA 13 but are just a little cash strapped currently, MWEB and Musica are offering the game for R199.95 when you sign up for MWEB Uncapped ADSL account.  Winner.