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**UPDATE 2**

The team limit for the tournament has been increased to 64 teams. Get your team signed up soon to avoid disappointment.

**UPDATE 1**

The 32-team limit has been smashed and the extra teams are being added to a waiting list. Word on the street is that the admin team is discussing a possible team limit increase.


MWEB GameZone have opened the registrations for their traditional opening tournament of each new season.

The Black Ops 3 First Recon tournament will be played on PlayStation 4 (the new Call of Duty standard) and kicks off on 8 February with the final on 21 February. Registrations will close on 5 February, so get your team in before it’s too late. There is a 32 team cap on the tournament, which will be a double elimination event.

Teams will be playing for their share of R6,000 in cash which sees the first place team bag R3,000, the second place team R2,000 and the third place finishers walk away with R1,000.

The four top teams (should they choose to register) from the 2015 Advanced Warfare season have been pre-seeded and are:

The full schedule of rounds for First Recon is:

  • Round 1 – 8-9 February: Winners Bracket Round 1
  • Round 2 – 10-11 February: Winners Bracket Round 2, Losers Bracket Round 1
  • Round 3 – 12-13 February: Winners Bracket Round 3, Losers Bracket Round 2
  • Round 4 – 14-15 February: Winners Bracket Round 4, Losers Bracket Round 3
  • Round 5 – 16 February: Winners Bracket Round 5, Losers Bracket Round 4
  • Round 6 – 17 February: Winners Bracket Round 6, Losers Bracket Round 5
  • Round 7 – 18 February: Losers Bracket Round 6
  • Final Day – 21 February: LB R7, LB R 8, Finals

The matches are scheduled for a kick off at 7pm on the first date provided. However, teams can organise a preferred time slot as long as both teams agree.