Mweb Gamezone announces the Black Ops 2 1v1 Sniper Ladders

Mweb Sniper Ladder

Mweb Gamezone has announced the Black Ops 2 1v1 Search and Destroy Ladder for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

According to the site:

The sniper 1v1 ladder will pit players up against one another in a classic dual to determine who has got the best aim in the business. Players will be competing head to head in attempts to out-snipe and outsmart their opposition. The ladder will run the coarse of a month to determine the top 8 players, whom will go into the finals to duke it out in front of us all.

Registrations are now open until 31 May, and the challenges will begin on 1 June.  The ladders will run until 28 June, at which point the top eight will play against each other in the ‘Super 8’ knockouts for their share of prizes.

Registrations Open: 20th May – 31st May

Ladder Challenge Period: 1 June – 28 June

Final 8: Single Elimination to take place on the 6th of July. 

Prizes on PS3

1st Place Prize: R1000 in Kalahari Voucher

2nd Place Prize: R450 in Kalahari Voucher

3rd Place Prize: R300 in Kalahari Voucher

Prizes on Xbox 360

1st Place Prize: Razer Sabertooth Controller

2nd Place Prize: R450 in Kalahari Voucher+ Razer T-Shirt

3rd Place Prize: R300 in Kalahari Voucher

Xbox 360 Snipers head here – Razer 1v1 Sniper Ladder

PS3 Snipers head here – Mweb 1v1 Sniper Ladder

Mweb Sniper Ladder X360