MW3 to get subscription service called Call of Duty Elite **UPDATE**

The ‘Call of Duty Elite’ name has cropped up already when the first logo of MW3 was leaked.  Now it appears it has a purpose to the name.  To squeeze more money out of you.

Activision has always hinted at the possiblility of adding a subscription service to the Call of Duty franchise, and according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Activision will be doing just that in the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The service is called “Call of Duty Elite”, and more information about the service, including a trailer, is set to appear this [most likely US] morning.  It appears that it will offer in-depth statistics, free access to downloadable map content packs, and presumably further extras.  There is no pricing included in the article, but the Wall Street Journal does claim that Activision is looking to make the service available for a monthly charge that is less than Netflix’s $8 streaming fee.  Gulp.

However, it still seems that at least basic online gameplay will still be included free of charge with the game (as long as you are an Xbox Live Gold member), and Activision does plan to offer some of Call of Duty Elite’s features for free – it’s only the really fancy stuff that’ll cost you.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling did spend a major portion of the morning on Twitter telling people that Modern Warfare 3 will still have a full and complete multiplayer component that won’t require Elite.

“It’s a service outside the game built for the game,” he tweeted.


As we were about to publish this article, videos of the ‘Elite’ trailer appeared on the net.

Video by Eurogamer and uploaded by CamperNoCamping.

For even more information than you can shake a stick at, OXM have a preview of the service up, detailing pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about Call of Duty Elite.

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