MW2: DLC Announced


…but not detailed.

At CES, Microsoft announced that the first Modern Warfare 2 DLC will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive and will be arriving this spring – Northern Hemisphere, obviously, so Autumn here.

No additional information, beyond the E3 2009 confirmation that there’ll be two DLC packs as timed exclusives, and slightly tantalising use of the phrase “content packs” rather than just “map packs”.

It would seem 50% confirmed that there is definitely some singleplayer DLC coming.  Ghost voiceactor Craig Fairbrass told Inside Xbox at the launch there would be a “little game” dedicated to the character, which kinda suggests it could be single-player DLC.

While this would be nice, surely new multiplayer maps and modes will be what a lot of people want?  Unless you need a VPN to download it that is…

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