MSSA has announced the winners of the Online Championships for Starcraft II which was completed recently and forms part of the qualification process for Protea colours.

The top three in the Online Champs will now particpate in the National Team Trials which happen on 1 September and decide the team to head to the 2012 IeSF World Championships in South Korea.

MSSA Press Release:

This year the 2012 IeSF World Championships will be held in Cheon-an City, South Korea from the 4th to 8th of October 2012, and the MSSA will be sending a team for both StarCraft II and TEKKEN consisting of one male and one female for both games to the event.

Thus the MSSA’s Online Championships for StarCraft II (as hosted by PolarFluke) were a vital part to the qualification process for gamers.

Gamers who finished in the top three (of both the male and female sections) automatically qualify for the National Team Trials which are to be hosted on 1 September 2012. It is at such Team Trials that the team that will be selected to officially represent South Africa will be chosen.

After being selected, the lucky few will be ‘kitted’ out, and at an official award ceremony, Protea Colours will be awarded to the team.

The online championships gave some very interesting results. Nathan “StatiC” Anderson (from Betty’s Bay in the Western Cape) who totally dominated the Schools event, went on to defeat all his opponents in the Premier event as well. As a result, Nathan has automatically qualified for Senior and School Provincial Colours. Nathan is the first gamer who is still at school to win the MSSA Online Championships as well as earn himself provincial colours  and school provincial colours for StarCraft II.

Gabriela “Gabybear” Isaacs who dominated the WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne event at the MSSA’s Gauteng Championships (hosted by Mayhem in May) showed just how good a gamer she is as well. Gabriela not only won the best female player title in the MSSA’s Online StarCraft II Championship for schools, but also finished as the top scoring female gamer in the MSSA’s Online StarCraft II Championships as well.

School Provincial Colours are also awarded to Liam “Intuition” Finnie (Elkanah House High School) for having finished in the top 50% of gamers in both the Provincial and School Provincial Championships.

The results are in for the MSSA’s Online StarCraft II Championships:

1st – Nathan “StatiC” Anderson (PolarfluKe)
2nd – Marius “Stripe” van der Merwe (PolarfluKe)
3rd – Duncan “Skiblet” Frickel (PolarfluKe)

1st – Gabriela “Gabybear” Isaacs (Sahet)
2nd – Lisinda “Prinses” Gericke (Knights Mind Sports Club)

1st – Nathan “StatiC” Anderson (Home schooled)
2nd – Liam “Intuition” Finnie (Elkanah House High School)
3rd – Luke “Lntlulzalott” Schwartzkopff (South African College School) 1

Best female: Gabriela “Gabybear” Isaacs (Saheti)

Well done to all.

A special word of thanks must be extended to Polarfluke for once again having hosted a top class event on behalf of the MSSA.

A full list of gamers who have qualified for Trials shall be sent out by the end of July 2012.