MSSA SA Flag LogoWe’ve had a fair number of console gamers asking us about the process and benefits of registering with South Africa’s controlling body for Board games, eSports, Robotics, and historical figure games (or Wargames).  In the last few months, the console eSports scene has seen a flurry of activity at international level which most notably started with the team of South Africans who played Battlefield 3 on PS3 in the World Nation’s Cup and this past weekend’s SA qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championship in L.A. which Team XtaZ won.

Neither team may be called Team South Africa, Team eSports SA or the Proteas, without the consent (and an affiliation with) the MSSA, meaning the big benefit that comes with registration is the very real possibility of National Colours for a number of games that we all most likely play daily.  It is important to note that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is affiliated with the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee, meaning that one day when your beloved eSport joins the world of Olympic competition, the only way to be a part of it will be via the MSSA.

I’m pretty sure that many console gamers share a similar perception that the MSSA may well be the body that is concerned with eSports in the country, but it is rooted in, and focused on PC eSports.  While I can’t assure you otherwise with a few lines from myself, it may very well be time for console gaming to take a little more time to understand the body and possibly even look at what you can do to help those perceptions change.  In the immortal words of John F. Kennedy: “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country…”

SA National player Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha in action.

I asked Colin Webster of the MSSA to give me a breakdown of what the advantages of an affiliation and registration are, and he was kind enough to give me that, along with the following details about the organisation too.

There are many advantages of having a MSSA affiliated club, such as:

  1. Being part of a community where your club has a real say in how things are done
  2. Being able to apply for National Lottery Funding – MSSA member clubs can apply for up to R200,000.00 in funding
  3. Being able to get assistance from your local government
  4. Experience increased media exposure of your events and your gamers
  5. Become part of the international community through the MSSA Registered players are able to become internationally recognised umpires, etc.
  6. Enable your gamers to take part in MSSA events, which may qualify them for colours, overseas trips, and even sports bursaries at university.

How to affiliate a club

To affiliate a club is quite an easy affair, all you have to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Gather the people together that want to form the club, and
  2. Hold a meeting at which you agree to start a club, and at which meeting you agree to the Constitution as well as who are the elected office-bearers of the club (all such decisions must be by consensus), and
  3. Write up the minutes of your inaugural meeting, and
  4. Send in the club’s Constitution and Application Form for Affiliation to the MSSA.

Once the MSSA is in receipt of the Constitution and Application Form for Affiliation, the MSSA will go through the Constitution and (if acceptable) approve it at the next Management Board Meeting. Only once membership is approved, are fees due.

MSSA’s Constitution  

The Constitution forms the foundation of the MSSA. It guarantees members rights and governs the way that the MSSA operates. It can only be amended by a two-thirds majority at a Council Meeting. Please remember that Associations only have two (2) votes each, whereas member clubs have a representational vote, being: normal clubs: one vote per every five registered players, and school clubs: one vote per every ten registered players.

MSSA’s General Regulations  

The General Regulations comprises of decisions made by both Council and Executive Committee Meetings. The General Regulations deals with how sub-committees operate as well as to how teams are selected and development funding is distributed.   Please refer to Schedule 10.12 in regard to the rights of clubs in hosting events.

MSSA’s Discipline Specific Regulations  

The Discipline Specific Regulations deal with rules concerning the different disciplines. The Disciplines that the MSSA caters for are; Board Gaming, eSports, and Figure Gaming.

Application for Affiliation form  

When a club applies for membership, the applicant club must complete such form and return the same to the MSSA.

Fee note for 2013 

The fee note details the Affiliation Fees and Registration fees that are payable.

The fees for the 2013 gaming year (1 November 2012 to 31 October 2013) are:

Affiliation fees per club R100.00 per annum
Registration fees: Registered with MSSA
Players who are members of school clubs
R75.00 per playerR  5.00 per player


Player Registration Form   

The Player Registration Form needs to be completed by every player that is a member of a club and intends to participate in MSSA affairs.

Proforma Constitution  

In order for a club to be a legal entity, a club must have a Constitution and must have multiplicity of members (3 or more members). The Constitution tells how the club operates and must, to a certain extent mirror the MSSA’s Constitution. The Constitution  of a club must have certain clauses in order to ensure that there are the necessary bonds between the MSSA and the club. Therefore, the MSSA insists that the clauses, “Objectives”, “Title and Legal Personality”, “Dispute Resolution”, and “Dissolution” remain unchanged. However, the club may amend the other clauses.   Once the applicant club is satisfied with their Constitution, the elected Chairperson must initial each page, and sign and date the last page and submit a copy to the MSSA.

MSSA’s Letter of Undertaking  

The Letter of Undertaking is for all registered players who sit on any MSSA committee.

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Anyone who would like to obtain more documentation, as well as the necessary application forms to register or affiliate with the MSSA can send an email to and we will send them your way.