Motorcross Madness 1

In short

Motocross Madness is surprisingly not a completely ‘top down whacky’ arcade race. It actually does a pretty good job of not alienating us more sim racing fans. Solid mechanics, exuberant gameplay and an extensive package make Motocross Madness an absolute bargain at 800 MS points.

Developer: Bongfish
Publisher: Microsoft
Distributor: Microsoft SA
For fans of: MX, arcade racing
Reviewed on: Xbox Live Arcade
Also available on: N/A
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8/10

What I loved

  • Extensive package
  • Tricks
  • Customisation
  • Fun handling mechanics

Not so much

  • Still not an avatar fan


It should actually not come as too much of a surprise that the mechanics are more than decent in Motocross Madness. The games’ routes stem back to PC-only days, and so the earlier games may very well have been developed to not be completely arcade.

Simply put, as a complete sim racing fan, I usually find joy in arcade racers for around 15 minutes. Then I’ll be sorting through my collection for something a little more serious, or challenging. Motocross Mechanics’ were superbly designed to cater to the arcade theme, and so you can expect over-the-top speed and stunts, while still being challenging enough for us “serious” petrol heads to find joy.

At first the speeds seem fairly realistic as do the standard MX tricks, but after a few upgrades and unlocks, you will be doing the insane speeds and the triple-flips. The mechanics are extensive, starting off small and then ending up using some relatively complex inputs and timing for the bigger tricks. The B button even sends you into the ever popular ‘drift’. Tricks and drifts add to your boost gauge, for the added speed bursts. Overall it was the mechanics that totally won me over. I was expecting one button inputs for every last aspect. Not quite, the mechanics here are well fleshed out.

As is the case with arcade games, there is a prominent focus on the social side of things. You can compete versus your friends on leaderboards, as well as overall leaderboards. You can create or join existing Bike Clubs and invite friends to do so to. In the Bike Club players can set up challenges and compete on the leaderboard of that particular club.

The racing offerings are extensive too. There’s the full line-up including; Single Races, a Career mode, Local Split Screen and Online racing. The career is pretty extensive too thanks to the progression system and the amount of events. There are a total of nine tracks, but there are loads of events between them. The more complex events need to be unlocked as you level up, so you will find yourself jumping between tracks, completing the easier events before unlocking the more dif.

The progression system is really impressive for an arcade game. There’s plenty to unlock in terms of gear and bike upgrades. The bikes start off as fairly standard as does your avatar which uses the Avatar Famestar. As you win and unlock you can start to make your avatar look more realistic with the gear you equip, as do the bike as you progress.

Closing Comments

Motorcross Madness is a light-hearted package that doesn’t dilute too much of what makes motor-cross so much fun in the first place. It offers plenty of content and surprisingly thorough mechanics, but most importantly it will put a fat grin on your face.

Motocross Madness is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 MS Points.

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