MotoGP 2013 new game modes revealed


Milestone has revealed the ‘Game Modes’ that MotoGP 13 will include.

“This all new reboot of the MotoGP game franchise will offer players a 360° experience based on pure realism”, comments Michele Caletti, MotoGP 13’s Game Director.

“We’re working hard on this new project referencing forums regularly , the Official Facebook Fan Page and quotes for collecting feedback which will allow us to create a game as close as possible to players’ needs. For example, we’ve introduced one of the most requested features by fans: SPLIT SCREEN”,concludes Caletti.

MotoGP13’s Game Modes:

  • Grand Prix – Pick your rider, team, track and category, then customise your options, set the weather conditions, opponents’ AI difficultly level, qualifying session update with 2013 new rules or the entire weekend race.
  • World Championship – Prove your riding abilities by completing the entire MotoGP ™ 2013 World Championship in either Moto3 ™, Moto2 ™or MotoGP . In-depth customization gives you the chance to choose a section of the championship (minimum 4 – maximum 18 races), select the tracks, choose a preferred order or repeat one single track until you master it. The aim is to be the World Champion!
  • Time Attack – A timeless game mode where you can ride unfinished laps, modify bike settings and participate in technical meetings to improve your performance. The best lap time for each category will be uploaded onto the Worldwide Leaderboard.
  • Career –The brand new career mode lets you build your racing career, race after race, from your rookie debut, through Moto3™, Moto2™ all the way to the MotoGP ™ World Champion title! Advice from your ever present Personal Manager gives you feedback on your performance and assigns objectives. Between races, your Motorhome is the place to be, from here you can customise your rider and career elements or unlock new deals and teams, depending on your Reputation. Be completely immersed in the MotoGP universe!
  • Online Multiplayer – Experience the Grand Prix and World Championship modes online, racing against friends!  In the Sprint Season mode you can start from Moto3™ and jump directly to the desirable MotoGP™ class by meeting certain objectives.
  • Real in-game Events – A constantly updated online feed of events based on actual real-world races, as they happen throughout the 2013 season: Relive all the thrills within days of seeing them live!

MotoGP 13 is scheduled for release in June for Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Windows PC and PlayStation Vita.

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