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In Short

With the shortage of games in the genre, racing fans should definitely consider MotoGP 14. It’s not exactly an advert for “next-gen”, but the physics are enjoyable, and it is by far the most generous offering in game modes we have seen from Milestone, making it a worthy purchase for racing fans.

Developer: Milestone
Publisher: Milestone
Distributor: Ster Kinekor
Reviewed on: PS4
Also available on: PC
If we had to give it a numerical score: 8.0/10

What I loved

  • Customisable, competent physics offers fun racing
  • Great new game modes
  • Loads of teams, riders and bikes. Loads!

Not so much

  • Not exactly “next-gen” visuals
  • Lacking in the sound department
  • Generic, static gaming world


I have previously suspected, and even read somewhere, that the Milestone team is not the largest of developers. I’ve suspected this because their previous games have always impressed, but lacked in some departments. MotoGP 14 again impresses, more so than most of the developer’s titles, but still lacks in some departments.

MotoGP 14 features a beautiful and authentically licensed MotoGP presentation. The menus, the “loading” visuals are simply stunning. The riders, the bikes and every last decal are all eye-candy and replicas of their real-life counter-parts. And even though the new graphics and sound engine delivers an improvement on previous title, the rest the audio and visual elements stumble somewhat, not unlike previous titles. There’s no in-race commentary and then the tracks and surroundings are bland and totally static. This lets down an otherwise impressive presentation and pretty bikes. Even the graphical elements that do shine could be mistaken for previous-gen. I mean it looks good, but I will hope for an improvement in this area with future instalments on the PS4. Fortunately though, the frame-rate and build in general is solid making for a smooth visual experience.

Being a hardcore racing fan though, it’s not on the audio/visual front that you will win me over; it’s on the ‘racing physics’ front. And this is where Milestone regularly impresses me of late. The physics overall, when pushed up to a sim-like difficulty, are very enjoyable. It’s not quite “hardcore” sim, but leans heavily towards it. In short, push up the difficulty and turn off the aids and you’ll be challenged whilst being able to complete a lap without annihilating everything in sight – as I’m sure I would taking a racing bike around a track in reality. So on the big bikes for example, turn traction down or off, and you’ll need to fettle the throttle as not to slide the back out. Turn to sharply or change directions unnaturally and you’ll be sent in a “highside”. It’s not extreme simulator though, so it caters for the “racing” feel more than anything else. You will still fall, well I do at least, but careful riding is rewarded with real good racing. The physics also work for the arcade fan, heavily watered down and “hold your hand” driver aids. If you looking from an arcade view though, I would recommend another review. I find the game boring with all the aids on and on easier settings. I suppose it’s great to learn the ropes, but do toughen things up if you want to find the real joy here.

MotoGP 14 also delivers more modes than previous titles from Milestone. The career is much like previous titles, starting from the back of the pack on the smaller bikes, and working your way through the years to the bigger teams and bigger bikes. The developers have added a bit of a progression system to now, apart from XP. You can now develop the bike in the various departments – from brakes to chassis. You will be rewarded for good riding to gain developing points. So unlike previous games in the series, you don’t necessarily need to get to bigger (faster) teams to gain, you can choose to develop a certain bike at a certain.

Apart from the usual online (12 player), offline two-person multiplayer and career modes, you get a Season Mode, which is any team for a season. And the there’s two “challenge” type modes. One lets you take on real-life memorable MotoGP moments, racing through exciting real-life moments in Scenario mode. And the other has you compete for times across the globe in Time Attack mode. As a result, you should be playing long after the Career mode, making MotoGP 14 the most generous titles yet from Milestone.


Closing Comments

I can now confidently say I am a Milestone fan and will therefore buy any racing game they make. This is now the third racing title in a row that delivers on the most important factor in a racing game for me – the racing physics. The physics are not quite fully-fledged simulator, but enough to please sim fans. MotoGP 14 also, unlike previous games from the Milestone stable, offers good and substantial game modes, offering much more than just career and multiplayer. I still have criticism over the visual and audio qualities, but can confidently say Milestone know what they’re doing, and MotoGP 14 is one of their best offerings yet.

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