Mother City of the Dead

It’s unknown if it was the perfect alignment of the sun with Table Mountain or something more sinister (or “drugs” – as one passerby said…), but Halloween 2010 in Cape Town may well be remembered as the day the dead walked.

While some of our readers were still sitting in darkened rooms milking the Gears of War 2 XP Bonanza or Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare, in the heat of the midday sun, witnesses reported what each and every gamer has trained for…A zombie apocalypse.  Yes.  Really.  So I did what each and every good zombie slayer would do.  I grabbed my camera – and baseball bat, of course – and headed to the epicentre of this disaster.

When confronted by this epic sight however, I suddenly felt empathy for their plight.  I mean, weren’t they simply gathering for what each and every other living being wants…equal rights?  So I stowed my baseball bat and decided to watch and document the moment.  After some time with them, I even felt accepted.  Thankfully so, because it was clear that the zombies were still going to do what comes naturally to them.  Want.  Need.  Braaaaaaaiiiiinnnsss.

Pedestrians ran from the horde screaming.  Motorists rolled up their windows.  Security staff locked the doors of their buildings.  But the rampaging hordes kept on moving.  A common goal was clear to them, but remained unclear to me.  St. George’s Mall got decimated.  The Foreshore business district was left reeling – but that could’ve been substantially worse if it had been a business day. The CTICC had never seen such an exhibition of gore before.  And then the Waterfront stood beckoning – the horde drawn to it like a fireworks display.  And then the goal became clear.

Beer.  Bringing the living and undead together and proof that we may well all be able to live in harmony.

Actually, who am I kidding?  As soon as I got home, I booted up Dead Rising 2 and laid waste to thousands of zombies…and it felt good…I’ll be ready for the next zombie apocalypse.

Congratulations to everyone who attended the first Zombie Walk – hope there will be many more to come.  Thanks to Dieter Wambach for organising and for the City of Cape Town, Waterfront and Paulaner for allowing the (blood) thirsty horde to invade.

More pics will be posted on our Facebook page, as well as the Zombie Walk Facebook page – so keep looking.