Breakfast Wrap 04Thursday has come a knocking.  We’ve come a rocking.  Have some gaming news to get you past the work week blues.  Poetry.  We missed our calling clearly.

Eidos Montreal have said that they considered adding third person elements to the recently announced Thief 4, and even considered a brand new character.  They obviously have been watching other games recently, as I can’t help but see a lot of Dishonored influence in the art direction.

Do none of the publishers ever learn?  You launch a game that requires servers to play the game, then make sure there are enough servers to do just that.  Clearly EA didn’t learn from Blizzard’s errors when Diablo 3 launched.  This time, the Sim City servers gave in under the “overwhelming demand” of the US launch.  EA have apologised and promised a smoother launch in Europe.  [via CVG]

Sam Raimi (director of ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘Spider-Man’) has said the World of Warcraft movie has been “mismanaged” by Blizzard, causing delays to the movie and potentially meaning he may no longer be involved in the project anymore. [via CVG]

Lost Planet 3 has been dated for release.  The game will arrive on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 25 June in the US, on 27 June in Japan and on 28 June in Europe.  Let’s throw a party and celebrate with this ‘pirate reveal’ trailer.

The latest European PlayStation Store content drop has been detailed by Sony.  Some items to look forward to are free downloads of Mass Effect 3, Dead or Alive 5 and Joe Danger 2 for PS Plus subscribers.  We suggest you head over to the EU PlayStation Blog for full details.

If you’re keen to check out the next instalment in the Army of Two franchise before forking out the cold, hard cash for it, a demo will be available from 12 March.  The Army of TWO The Devil’s Cartel demo will be available on Xbox LIVE  Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

Sticking with EA related franchises.  The publisher’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has hinted that they plan to expand their sports game portfolio.  Maybe there’s still an obscure sport somewhere in the world that can benefit from the EA Sports “magic”… like Jukskei. [via Polygon]

The latest patch for Far Cry 3 is now available on all three platforms.  The patch introduces “a number of new features requested by players on both single player and multiplayer modes.”  This includes ‘outpost reset’ and ‘Master’ difficulty setting.

Frima Studio has announced the release date of Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge for the PS3 and PS Vita.  The “hilarious RTS” will be out in the US on 30 April and in Europe on 1 May.  It will be available on PSN for $9.99 and is a Cross Buy title.

Deadpool and why he will “make Spider-man look like a bike cop”.

CCP Games have released a new developer diary for their PS3 bound game Dust 514.

A new DLC character has been released for Guardians of Middle-earth.  The Barrow-wight Lord is “twisted by corruption”.  We think he’s just misunderstood.

Check out Lex Luthor and his role in the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us.

And to finish… another God of War: Ascension trailer.  Seems like there’s one almost every day.  This trailer reveals a new multiplayer mode in the game called ‘Trial of the Gods’.