Breakfast Wrap 03The middle of the week.  Half way to the weekend.  We can do it.  Let’s work together now.  We’ll give you the news, and you read it.

PETA is calling the harpooning of whales in the – and this is pretty important to know – 1715 setting of Assassin’s Creed IV “disgraceful”.  No-one seems worried about the virtual slaughter of millions of zombies in the modern and recent past settings of games such as Call of Duty and Dead Rising.

Sticking (more harpoons in) to Assassin’s Creed IV, Ubisoft has said that the game’s next-gen versions (so it’s coming to the next-Xbox then?) will offer “new connected features”, as well as improved graphics and physics.  [via CVG]

In an attempt to debunk rumours that Dead Space 4 – and therefore the franchise in general – may be axed by EA, the publisher has stated that the IP is “very important” to them.  [via CVG] OK.  How about you guys just axe the micro-transactions and you can keep Dead Space going then?

Mass Effect 3‘s ‘Citadel’ DLC is now available on Xbox Live if you are keen to take your Commander Shepard for one final spin.  The singleplayer DLC will cost you 12ooMS Points and comes in at around 2GB.

The ‘End Game’ DLC for Battlefield 3 has begun its roll out across the platforms by starting with PS3 premium members.  Xbox 360 and PC Premium subscribers will be able to download the content on 12 March, other PS3 players on 19 March, and everyone else on 26 March.

Tomb Raider’s developer’s Crystal Dynamics is working with production company GK films to develop a new Tomb Raider movie.  Studio head Darrell Gallagher told Variety that they are working closely on the project with GK Films, who previously produced movies The Departed, Rango and Hugo.

Did you know (or care) that the Resident Evil movies have reached their sixth instalment?  Well, it will be when the next film hits the cinemas in September 2014.  It is still to be confirmed whether Milla Jovovich will return as Alice or if her husband Paul W.S. Anderson will be back as director. [via MCV]

Deus Ex is the focus for yet another rumour of a new game.  After the recently registered domains for ‘Deus Ex: Human Defiance’ were confirmed as a movie in the worksSuperannuation has spotted a number of domains being registered under the name of Deus Ex: The Fall.  Having been registered as recently as 4 March, speculation may rightly point to a new game in the series.

The PC patch for Far Cry 3 is now out.  It brings along the obvious bug fixes, as well as the ‘Master’ difficulty level and the ‘reset outpost’ option.

Snoop Dogg will be the focus of a new digital download ‘beast-em-up with rhythm game mechanics called Way of the Dogg. The game is being developed by Echo Peak and will be published by 505 Games and follows the exploits of America, who is out to avenge his girlfriend’s murder.  This  thrilling piece of gaming (…) will be yours on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, iOS and Android later this year.

Epic and People Can Fly have revealed another weapon from Gears of War Judgment.  The ‘Tripwire Crossbow’ looks like it will frustrate and delight in equal measures.

How about a new God of War: Ascension trailer featuring ‘The Mythological Heroes’ DLC pack?  OK.

If you’re still unsure whether you want a piece of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider franchise – read our review.  Failing that, just watch this day one launch trailer.

Head of Xbox Don Mattrick, when asked at Microsoft‘s TechForum [via The Verge] if he considered the Steam Box as a competitor to the MS consoler, responded to a question regarding the with a firm “no”.  Maybe we – the buyers – should be the judge of that when we see what you will be bringing to the table…

A minor Wii U system update has been released, and improves ‘stability’… Not sure it will help the consoles sales much…