Breakfast Wrap 02Day two of a four day week.  Anyone feeling excited by that fact?  Chocolate Easter eggs are on the horizon for you.  Chocolate brains for us.  And then yours.  But fill them with all this news first.

Rumour has it that the Battlefield 4 beta will be open to those of you with Battlefield 3 Premium subscriptions.   That’s on top of the entry gained by purchasing the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition.  The beta is expected sometime in Autumn [Northern Hemisphere] 2013. [MP1st]

It also seems that the game (Battlefield 4) will be arriving in “Fall 2013” according to an image leaked that may – or may not – be an EB Games pre-order poster.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 will be getting its first bit of DLC this coming Wednesday.  The Siberian Strike DLC will cost 800 MS Points on Xbox 360 and £8.99 on PS3 and Steam.

The recently released (21 March) PS3 firmware update 4.40, will enable users – from May – to download content purchased from PSN’s online store to their consoles.

If you need any more incentive to get BioShock Infinite, perhaps this launch trailer will help you.  Or the fact that it sits on a whopping 96 on Metacritic.

The first gameplay trailer for the PS3 exclusive Rain has been released.  There’s a lot of rain in the game.

Sony has announced Unreal Engine 4 powered Primal Carnage: Genesis will be coming to the PS4.  The game is a dinosaur themed episodic game, and is due, well after the PS4 is actually available we assume.

The studio behind Lord of the Rings Online – Turbine – has announced its new free-to-play MOBA game based on DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis.  Coming to PC, it will bring a number of well-known superheroes and their twisted versions in to a Battle Arena with “map-altering events”.

The previously PC exclusive game by the developer below – Blacklight: Retribution – will be coming to the PS4, Sony has confirmed.  The game will be free-to-play title on the console, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not PS4 users will be able to compete with PC players.

Zombie Studios has announced their latest game Daylight – a PC based first-person horror game powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Sticking with PC.  BioWare has announced that the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion pack – Rise of the Hutt Cartel – will be available on 14 April for a cost of $19.99.  The expansion will bring new story content, a new planet called Makeb, and raise the level cap to 55.  Those who pre-ordered the game’s first digital expansion before 7 January will receive early access beginning on 9 April.

Still with PC, CCP has confirmed that Eve Online‘s nineteenth free expansion, called ‘Odyssey’, will be arrive on 4 June.

Moving to industry news.  Team Ninja has been split into two separate teams.  The development studio now consists of two groups; Ichigaya Development Group 1 and Ichigaya Development Group 2, according to the announcement by Tecmo Koei and translated by Siliconera.

Blockbuster UK has been thrown a lifeline after Gordon Brothers Europe bought the embattled retailer for an undisclosed fee.  This means around 264 stores will remain open and 2,000 jobs will be saved.