Breakfast Wrap 05An Apple a day keeps the doctor away they say.  Won’t keep the zombies at bay.  So keep that in mind next time you want to eat healthy.

Apple (not the fruit referred to above) has seen its shared tumble, despite record results.  The iPhone maker reported record results for its first quarter, but posted its slowest profit growth since 2003 and its weakest sales increase in 14 quarters in the face of higher costs and rising competition, according to Bloomberg.

According to a CNBC, Microsoft is in talks to invest $1 billion to $3 billion in PC maker Dell, essentially giving Microsoft the controlling share in Dell.  A move which would benefit Microsoft as they move into the hardware market with their tablets.

Publishing label 2K Sports is expected to announce a lucrative partnership the WWE.  The WWE licence is now available to buy by another company following the THQ sale of assets.  This purchase is still unconfirmed at time of writing.

Keeping with the THQ news, THQ’s president Jason Rubin has said that it’s a “travesty” that Darksiders developer Vigil was left without a buyer after the auction.  In an interview with Game Informer, he said that the studio was working on a ‘fantastic’ and ‘truly unique’ game codenamed ‘Crawler’.  Maybe the rumoured Platinum Games interest comes to fruition and the this unique game sees the light of day.  Rubin has also said that any THQ’s IPs not sold in the auctions will be sold in a “separate process” soon.

PlayStation has announced that a The Last of Us demo will be included with each copy of God of War: Ascension.  The demo will be exclusive, said Sony, suggesting that the demo may not go on general release.

A new (exclusive CVG) trailer for the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us has been released, and reveals Lex Luther.  The game is out 19 April on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.

Irrational Games has released a trailer for BioShock Infinite‘s pre-order bonus ‘Industrial Revolution Pack’ – a PC puzzle game where players are in the role of a factory worker in the floating city of Columbia.  Learn more about the warring factions in the game, pledge allegiance to the Vox Populi or Founders through Facebook, and unlock in-game rewards including three combat boosting abilities, 500 bonus in-game currency and five lock picks.

A new video for Crysis 3 has been released.  Check out what has been called “a one-size-fits-all killing machine, transforming the user into the ultimate weapon”… or the Nanosuit to you and me.