Breakfast Wrap 03Good morning.  We had a delightful breakfast of quail’s eggs and human brain this morning and feel particularly sharp.  How was your Corn Flakes?

Two of EA’s franchises may “experiment” after each of their third games has been released in the next few months.  According to Crysis 3‘s producer, the series may head “into a new space” when the trilogy completes.  He is not actually referring to taking the series to space, but the possibility of other genres other than the FPS one the series is known for.

If player feedback dictates, Dead Space may also experiment further.  Visceral Games may look at other ways to reinvent Dead Space following apparent “highly positive feedback” from Dead Space 3‘s co-op mode.

HMV‘s woes look to be easing slightly.  Restructuring group Hilco has reportedly bought HMV’s debt, which effectively gives them control of the retail group.

Keeping to the whole companies-in-distress theme.  As THQ plans to start auctioning itself off, the South Park Studio has filed a preliminary objection to THQ’s proposed sale of South Park: The Stick of Truth.  According to the studio, THQ cannot reassign the license agreement to another company without the prior consent of the license owner.

In better news for others, Minecraft has topped 20 million in franchise sales.

Rumour has it that Heavy Rain’s developer Quantic Dream could be working on a game codenamed ‘Singularity’ and destined for the PlayStation 4.

Two games heading into beta have announced that they are open for business via brand new trailers.

Bethesda and ZeniMax Online have opened beta sign-ups for The Elder Scrolls Online on the game’s official website and have released this CGI trailer to celebrate the fact.

Meanwhile, CCP Games has announced that Dust 514 is now officially in open beta.

On going into any sort of beta, but trailer’d none-the-less is Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.  Explosions abound.

Speaking of explosions, US politicians appear to be continuing with their own brain explosions.  US politician Ralph Nader, has called developers of violent video games “electronic child molesters”.  Children should not be playing violent video games… isn’t that what the age restriction is for?

The not at all child friendly Max Payne 3‘s ‘Deathmatch Made in Heaven’ DLC Pack is now available on XBL (800MS Points) and PSN and PC ($9.99).  It is free to Season Pass owners.

A prequel E-book to BioShock Infinite has been announced by Irrational Games.  Called ‘BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt’, it will be available for Kindle (12 February $2.99) and free with pre-orders of BioShock Infinite.

We’ll bring this edition of the morning news wrap to a close with news from the South African eSports scene.  South African (ranked 16 in the world) has been challenged by Romania (the third ranked country in the world) to a test match in Dota 2.  The challenge is still to be formally accepted by the MSSA, but we’re pretty sure “dis aan…”