Morning News Wrap (22 Feb 2013)


Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not Riaan Cruywagen or your wrap-munching favourite zombie with the morning news. There’s also no wrap this morning because I trade food for caffeine in the mornings.

It is the r0gue zombie this morning, because two of my most highly anticipated titles release today. So I was up at the crack of… a skull with excitement and scavenging for brainnnsss… for news other than the Playstation 4 which flooded the internet yesterday.

So as said, two great titles are launching locally today – Crytek developed Crysis 3 which some have called the “best looking game on consoles yet.” But how will it stand up to the shooter stables? Then there’s the Kojima Productions and Platinum Games’ developed Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance which takes the series in a new sword-wielding direction. Critics have been fairly impressed with both titles and if you are looking to splurge this weekend, you should be looking at these two.

2K Games and Irrational Games have announced that DLC is already in the works for BioShock Infinite. The BioShock Infinite ‘Season Pass’ was also detailed which will get you three add-on packs with new stories, characters, abilities and weapons. The Season Pass will be available on March 26, 2013 providing $30.00 [around R270] worth of add-on content for $19.99 [around R180]  or 1,600 Microsoft Points. Season Pass purchases will also get you the Early Bird Special Pack containing four pieces of exclusive gear, a Machine Gun Damage Upgrade, a Pistol Damage Upgrade, a gold skin for both weapons and five Infusion bottles.

BioWare have announced two new downloadable content packs for Mass Effect 3On February 26 ‘Reckoning’ drops for free for the multiplayer mode in and gives access to new characters, weapons and upgrades. Then on March 5 ‘Citadel’  concludes the singleplayer DLC packs for Mass Effect 3.

“The team has poured heart and soul into Mass Effect 3: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3: Citadel. As the launch of these chapters near, the feeling around the studio is bittersweet,” said Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of the Mass Effect series.

“We have always been humbled and driven by the passion of our fans for the Mass Effect trilogy. We hope fans will enjoy spending more time with some of their favorite characters — we have certainly enjoyed spending time creating them. We’re excited to release this final sendoff for the trilogy and move forward into the future of the Mass Effect universe.”

Gears of War: Judgment has a new weapon to make your heart go boom, boom, BOOM.  It’s a grenade launcher, but not as you know it.  The Booshka allows the grenade to ricochet… I’m pretty sure it’s all going to end in rage quitting…

Lady Croft has a new ‘Guide to Survival’ video available.  The ‘Survival Combat’ video is the third episode in the Tomb Raider video series and sees how Lara’s “skills and expanding arsenal come together in combat. Whether it’s a close quarters brawl, or a pitched fire-fight, Lara must became a master of arms to survive the Dragon’s Triangle.”

Breakfast Wrap 05Sorry, sneaky Dredd here and I’m always hungry for something with a little more substance than a cup of java.  And let’s be fair, there’s never enough PlayStation 4 news.  Until next week at least…

SCEE is being a little “cagey” about the European launch dates of the PS4 – don’t presume 2014, it may still arrive in 2013.  On the flipside of that slightly uplifting piece of news, the PS4 will not support the DualShock 3 controller, but will support the current Move.

Don’t go buying those 4K TVs for gaming just yet.  The console will support video playback at 4K, but gaming, well it’s just gonna be standard old ‘high-res’.  On the happy side of that sad old news, your purchased PSN games ‘could’ be transferred to PS4… Sony could “do so if we choose to.”  So you might not then?

As if the applause of millions of Sony fans were not enough, John Carmack has spoken out in favour of the PlayStation 4’s hardware.  It’s awesome… was not what he said.  He actually said: “I can say that Sony made wise engineering choices.”  Finally, the analysts can now start speculating on a new range of things.  EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich that the PS4 launching first is its “best chance at changing momentum…”  No freaking sh… Sherlock.  Can I have a job then too?