Breakfast Wrap 01How do you welcome in Monday after being privileged to have been a small part of witnessing a South African team make it to Los Angeles for the CoD Championship in early April.  By congratulating the  team of course.  Our congratulations to XtaZ on their win, and we wish them good luck for the big showdown in Los Angeles.  Our congratulations too to Silviu ‘NightEnD’ Lazar of Romania for his win in Saturday’s StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Test Match between himself and South Africa’s Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha.

Let’s start the news roundup with odd shall we?  Phantom Pain‘s mysterious CEO Joakim Mogren (who has rumoured to be Kojima) appeared in an interview with Gametrailers TV, heavily bandaged and promising that a new trailer for the game will be shown at GDC later this month, and that it will “answer all of your questions”.  Of course, this for some reason has again fueled increased speculation that the game is connected to the Metal Gear series.  Let’s just wait and see shall we? [via CVG]

The following video has also made an appearance and is apparently uploaded by Moby Dick Studios CEO Joakim Mogren.  The translated video features grainy CTV footage of a medical procedure and morse code.

Sony Santa Monica – the studio behind God of War Ascension – has denied rumours of being involved with the making of The Last Guardian which is being developed by Team ICO.  [via Eurogamer]

Zombies.  Disgusting creatures right?  WRONG!  We’re just misunderstood.  And we’re constantly made the victims at the hands of the human horde.  That’s not about to change when Dead Island Riptide arrives.  AllGamesBeta has some new screens for you to peruse.

A zombie game that’s really got alarm bells ringing is The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.  Not because of its wanton killing of zombies, but because very little information has been released, even though the Terminal Reality developed game is due out in the US on 19 March and the rest of the world on 29 March.  What are they hiding from us all?  A poor quality TV series tie-in is the gut feeling.  Whether this behind-the-scenes video is enough to allay such fears is obviously up for debate.

We also appear to have been dragged into being the targets once again on in the, which will see Left 4 Dead 2 and Resident Evil 6 collide in a zombie killing frenzy.  The cross over project between Capcom and Valve  will see characters from L4D join the cast in RE6, and zombies from RE6 “invade” L4D.  This new and exclusive content will automatically be downloaded in the background to all owners of the PC version of Resident Evil 6 from 5 April.  Best of all… this zombie slaying content will be completely free.  Check AllGamesBeta for full press release and images.

Valve‘s business has grown by 50% due to an “insatiable demand” for gaming and community driven efforts by the firm.  That’s the word company co-founder Gabe Newell at the British Academy Games Awards last week.  We assume Dota 2 has a lot to do with that success, and are pretty sure it will be a blueprint for Valve’s business model heading forward.

The Wii U is not having quite as pleasurable a time as Valve is.  It started 2013 in the US over February, with its average weekly sales “significantly worse than any equivalent performance on record for PS3 and Xbox 360,” according to CVG.  Its weekly average sales did increase around 40 percent compared to January however.  We’re no financial experts, but maybe a drop in the price of the console will boost sales?  Maybe?

Or maybe the console itself is simply a little inadequate?  The official Lego City Undercover site is suggesting that: “An external hard drive is required to download this software.”  The software being referred to is Lego City Undercover (obvious considering the source we suppose) and is expected to come in at a hefty 22GB.  Basically, due to the size of memory used by the operating system, even those with a 32GB ‘Premium’ version of the console may need to consider an external storage option.

The SimCity saga continues.  EA has now taken to deleting forum posts discussing the SimCity offline mod, claiming it to be a breach of the terms of service.  However, talking about it elsewhere is fine.  [via CVG]

The game (or movie) which has been called Assassin’s Creed: Rising Phoenix may actually be a PS Vita bound game if a listing by a Spanish retailer is to be believed.

AC Rising Phoenix_02

A “short version” of the BioShock Infinite TV commercial has been released.  It still makes us want the game more than to see the human race wiped out by our brethren…