ws_Cup_of_Coffee_2560x1600As Friday rolls around, you should be grateful we managed to help you make it.  It was our news – and our news alone – that got you here.  Or it was the coffee.

A number of sites claiming to be sign-up pages offering the chance to test the next Xbox are fakes according to Microsoft.  Not that we should have to tell you such a thing.  So don’t go giving out your details!

Spec Ops: The Line developer – Yager – has become the first independent developer to licence Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 to create an unannounced next-generation, AAA game.

Speaking next-gen, Nvidia have said that a PS4 partnership was not worth the cost, after the contract for the console’s GPU was awarded to AMD. [via CVG]

Sony will be gifting “select active” PSN users with $10 of credit.  The firm was unwilling to divulge the criteria the decision will be based on, but they did say to Polygon, “While we don’t disclose the exact criteria used, we can say that select active PSN users were chosen to receive an XMB message that included a credit for their SEN Wallet as part of this special promotion.”  Winners!

A God of War: Ascension patch is inbound which will reduce the difficulty of the ‘Trial of Archimedes’ level.  If you’ve reached that point in the campaign you may still be stuck there.  Or not.  Either way, Sony Santa Monica will be sorting you out. [via CVG]

Another game with an upcoming patch (or title update, as some appear to prefer calling it) is Halo 4.  343 Industries have said the update will tackle balancing issues and “additional fixes”, as well as re-introducin the ‘X Marker’ on the HUD which marks the location of the recent death of a teammate.

The Fox Engine – at least an adapted version of it – will be used for all future version of PES.  The engine is better known as the one that powers Metal Gear Solid and is being used for the football franchise due next-gen technology, and no incentive to adapt the existing engine. [via an interview in EDGE]

In case you may have missed it (the press releases appeared to go live almost 24 hours after we originally mentioned itSniper Elite 3 is coming out in 2014 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next-gen consoles.  It appears that the setting will be in “Afrika” during World War II, but with “more of a sandbox” feel.

It looks like Fast and Furious may be getting a game to tie in with the release of the sixth movie in the franchise.  Or is it the seventh one?  Either way, evidence is pointing to a game called Fast & Furious: Showdown from Activision for Wii U on 15 May and PS3 and Xbox 360 22 on May 22. [via CVG]

A whole bunch of UK retailers have slashed the price of the Wii U.  While the prices have been dropped by around 25 percent by Amazon UK, Asda and ShopTo, the decision is not indicative of a price cut by Nintendo itself.  So SA may live a little in hope then.

This price cut comes on the back of GameStop president Tony Bartel telling Forbes: “Following the holiday launch period, sales have been slower than we expected.”  However, he believes that upcoming new titles “will play a big role” in igniting public interest in the Nintendo console.

Some clever clogs (not me, even on a good day) has found a way to play SimCity offline, and possibly saving EA’s behind a little too.  It’s all a little too technical, so just head to CVG who have already summarised it all.

Staying with PCs, a patch for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is now available and fixes a campaign crash bug.