Breakfast Wrap 02It was a late Monday night around the zombies crib.  The kind of late that no amount of bacon and braaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnssss will fix.  So we’ll jump straight in to the news and hope for the best.

Next-gen rumours are the best way to rattle the cobwebs clear.  A Kotaku source (alias ‘SuperDaE’) claims to have  direct access to Durango development kits and says the next-generation Xbox will require a Kinect sensor to be plugged in at all times to function.  But fear not, the next Xbox will all come with a (new, more advanced) Kinect in the box.  The source also reckons the next Xbox will have a 500GB HDD standard (mandatory installs expected) and will allow you to ‘suspend’ a game – allowing you to jump between two different games without losing your place.

What about this generation, you ask?  Well, the current Xbox 360 has shifted 76 million according to Microsoft, while the Kinect has sold 24 million.  46 million subscribers use Xbox Live – amounting to 18 billion hours of usage.

Bungie’s website has turned into a cryptic teaser page pointing to a reveal in about seven days.  Maybe.  And if so, we assume it is Destiny connected.  [via: CVG]

Codemasters has decided to hand over publishing and distribution reigns of their titles in Europe to Namco Bandai, starting with GRiD 2.

Gearbox has said that the Brothers In Arms series has not been abandoned.  Speaking to IGN, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said that despite Furious 4 evolving into its own identity, “there will be an authentic Brothers in Arms game.”

A demo for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will arrive for PS3 and Vita on 20 February, Sony has confirmed.

A new Youtube App is available for the PS3 and is “designed for the big screen and PS3 controls“.  Find it in My Channels under TV & Video Services on the home screen.

Apparently, games without demos sell better than those with demos.  That’s according to Puzzle Clubhouse CEO and analyst Jesse Schell at a recent DICE keynote.  “He did say that the game needs a trailer at least.  He cited video game research and consulting company EEDAR’s data looking at cumulative sales of Xbox 360 titles. According to the report, games without a demo or a trailer sold less than 100,000 units on average. Those with just a demo sold about 200,000, those with both a demo and a trailer averaged at around 250,000, while those with only a trailer soared at over 500,000.” [via: Eurogamer]

A gameplay demo for PC bound horror-fest Slender The Arrival has been released.  The game is out on 26 March for PC and Mac, but apparently console versions are likely too…

Wii U bound Lego City: Undercover has a new trailer which shows off some fresh gameplay.

Nvidia released a real-time demo of a boxing game coming to their portable, Android powered system, Project Shield.

And finally, a new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance gameplay trailer has been released, and introduces the Desperado Elite, a four strong group of enemy soldiers codenamed Mistral, Monsoon, Sundowner and Jetstream.